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    How Do Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aids Work?

    Last updated 1 year ago

    A behind-the-ear, or BTE, hearing aid is one of several hearing aid devices that can restore hearing to users. As this video demonstrates, BTE hearing aids are highly effective and easy to use.

    Individuals with all levels of hearing loss can benefit from BTE hearing aids. Sound waves enter the device through a microphone and are converted through either analog or digital means inside the hearing aid component. Once processed, sound is carried through the ear hook and into the ear mold. BTE hearing aid users can also regulate the loudness of sound through the hearing aid’s volume control, as well as specific switches for telephone usage.

    For nearly 80 years, Dunshaw Hearing Aid Centers has been helping customers regain their hearing. Our comprehensive audiological services can identify both the cause and degree of your hearing loss, as well as administer the hearing aid most suitable for your preferences and needs. To learn more about how Dunshaw Hearing Aid Centers can help you, please call our NYC facility at (888) 903-6717.

    How Hearing Loss Can Affect the Quality of Life for Older Adults

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Hearing loss is a common chronic condition that affects a large number of adults when they become older. While many studies have been conducted in the past to determine the connection between hearing loss and quality of life, few provide population-based data. To identify just how impactful hearing loss can be, the Epidemiology of Hearing Loss Study, a population-based study, was conducted.

    The results showed that 28 percent of participants had mild hearing loss, while 24 percent suffered moderate to severe hearing loss. Those who suffered more severe hearing loss were also associated with decreased function in the Mental Component Summary score as well as the Physical Component Summary score of the SF-36.

    Hearing loss is something that can severely impact the ability to communicate, which can therefore have a perceived reduction in quality of life. As life expectancy continues to increase and adults are living longer, the number of individuals affected by hearing loss. It is important to understand this common chronic condition. Identifying individuals with hearing loss and supplying appropriate hearing aids or other listening devices and teaching coping strategies may have a positive impact on quality of life for older people.

    To schedule a hearing test with a state-licensed audiologist in New York, contact Dunshaw Hearing Aid Centers at (888) 903-6717 today.

    The Impact of Hearing Loss on Your Life

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Suffering from hearing loss can negatively affect your everyday life—from your relationship with loved ones to your job performance. If you would like to learn more about the ways in which you can restore your hearing loss, check out the resources below.

    • Hearing aids can significantly restore your hearing loss. Find out how they work at Discovery’s
    • Find out what an audiologist can do for you by visiting the Hearing Loss Association of America's website.
    • Take a look at this article from the LA Times to find out if you are experiencing signs of hearing loss.
    • If you’ve ever heard a ringing or buzzing in your ears, you may have been experiencing tinnitus. You can learn more about the condition at this link.

    To schedule a hearing test with a state-licensed audiologist in New York, contact Dunshaw Hearing Aid Centers at (888) 903-6717 today.

    4 Signs You May be Suffering from Hearing Loss

    Last updated 1 year ago

    For many people, hearing loss can be a sensitive subject to confront. And yet, according to the Hearing Health Foundation, nearly 50 million Americans live with this debilitating condition. When a great deal of your emotional and physical wellbeing depends on the ability to hear, it is important that you seek solutions to your aural concerns at the first sign of a problem. To find out whether you are suffering from hearing loss, be mindful of the following four signs:

    You Have Problems Hearing People Over the Phone: If you tend to have difficulty keeping up with a conversation over your home phone or cell phone, it may not be the connection that’s making things difficult. When cranking up the volume doesn’t help you to hear the person on the other line, you should see an audiologist for a hearing test.

    You Tend to Ask Women and Children to Speak Up: Because women and young children generally have higher vocal tones, it can be especially difficult for people with hearing impairments to make out their words. If you find that you ask women and children to speak up more often than not, you may be suffering from hearing loss.

    You Have Trouble Keeping Up with a Group of Speakers: Do you find it frustrating to be in a conversation with multiple speakers? A common sign of hearing loss is struggling to follow a group conversation because you can’t discern who is saying what. When you’re in a restaurant or another setting with music playing, you may find it even more stressful because you’re straining your ears.

    You Hear a Ringing in Your Ears: If you perceive a constant ringing, buzzing, or other hissing sound in your ears, you may be experiencing tinnitus—a common condition of noise-induced hearing loss. While the exact cause of tinnitus is not yet known, the use of a hearing aid can significantly relieve its symptoms.

    If you are concerned about hearing loss and show any of the above signs, contact Dunshaw Hearing Aid Centers. You can schedule an audiological hearing test at our New York location by calling (888) 903-6717.

    How Long Do Hearing Aid Batteries Last?

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Hearing aids are a remarkable technology that can restore poor hearing to a more natural setting. While these sound-saving devices come in a variety of styles, all of them rely on batteries for power.

    In this video, you’ll learn about the different warning signals that hearing aids will send to inform you that it’s time to change the battery. While many digital hearing aids emit a static sound as their power wanes, others may beep at you. Depending on how much you use your hearing aid and the number of features that are activated, you can expect a relatively short battery life of five to 10 days.

    If you have more questions concerning your hearing aid, contact Dunshaw Hearing Aid Centers in New York. Our state-licensed audiologists are committed to helping patients understand the extent of their hearing loss. Call (888) 903-6717 to make an appointment.

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